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This website is being published to bring the great voice of Vani Jayaram to the whole wide world. Vani Jayaram, one of the greatest singers of our times, with an impeccable style of singing and pronunciation, has the unique ability to sing in a multitude of languages with complete ease. Her clear pronunciation and sweet voice give any song a touch of class. Even the most ordinary of the lyrics gain dignity when sung by Vani. The ease at which she hits a high note and her quick transitions are a treat to the ears of any music lover. Vani is a formally trained classical singer and her versatility ranges the entire spectrum of music. She has renederd classical songs in Carnatic and Hindustani styles, ghazals, light and pop songs and some very popular folk songs.

This website has been developed by a fan of Vani Jayaram. The singer herself does not have any affiliation with this website or its developer whatsoever. The intent of this website is only to promote quality music and to service the discerning listener.

"I need songs with substance. It was music rather than name, fame and glamor that always captivated me."
- Vani Jairam

Disclaimer: The intent of this site is only to promote music. This is a non-commercial website.