An Interview with Vani Jayaram

Ameen Merchant chats with Vani Jayaram - Vani Jayaram talks about her childhood days, her childhood ambitions, her training in music, the unparalleled debut in Hindi Film Music, her success story in South Indian Film Music, her work with the greatest Music Directors of India, her dedication to singing, today's film music, her upcoming albums, etc. all in beautiful English, just like the way she sings in those number of languages.

Many thanks to Mrs. Vani Jayaram for accepting the request for the interview, to Ameen Merchant for conducting the interview and to all VJ fans who mailed in questions for the interview. Many of the questions, not all, have made the final cut. Questions may have been rephrased. Ameen, a freelance journalist, conducted this interview for the Discussion Group from "Vani Jayaram's Songs" thread, a job well done, has been kind enough to allow uploading of the interview at www.vanijairam.com.

Part 1 of the interview features on the 15th of August 2002 and Part 2 will be uploaded on the 16th. The interview is a recording of a long distance conversation and efforts have been taken to produce an audio as clear as possible. Links to all songs in the website will be disabled for a few days in order to keep the bandwidth available for the interview.

Interview with Vani Jayaram - Part 1 of 2 (6 MB)

Interview with Vani Jayaram - Part 2 of 2 (6 MB)